Ethiopia Idido Village Ethiopia Idido Village

Ethiopia Idido Village


Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
Location: Idido Village
Varietal: Dega
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Notes: Nectarine Syrup, Candied Pecans, Lemon Sherbet

Approximately 600 small-holder farmers across 300 hectares in Idido deliver their harvested cherries to the processing station in Gedeo, this is where the cherries are gifted the fuzzy and funky qualities through their careful manipulation of microbial activities. The anaerobic process - where the cherries are kept in grain-pro bags and sealed shut with no water or oxygen for 18~24 hours. After this the cherries are laid out onto raised African beds under direct sunlight to dry for 2~3 weeks depending on the weather of the season. 

Mebrehatu Aynalem and Abiot Ageze in the region of Gedeo collectively own Boledu Industry PLC, who look after all the processes after harvest are very happy their craft made it into the Cup Of Excellence auction 2020. We are also very happy to be able to share this delightful cup with you! Mixed with the typical stone fruit qualities, this crop has a heightened level of confectonary sugar - almost reminiscent of childhood memories of eating Wizz Fizz!