Colombia El Otono (Microlot) Colombia El Otono (Microlot)

Colombia El Otono (Microlot)

Region: Gaitania, Tolima
Location: El Otono
Varietal: Yellow Typica
Elevation: 1700-1900 MASL
Process: Natural Lactic Fermentation
Notes: Dried Mango, Cookies & Cream, Yakult
This beautiful gem of a coffee was pulped right after its harvest and was left to ferment with no water or oxygen in plastic tanks for 42 hours at 22 degrees celsius.
Located in high altitude, Miguel’s farm El Otono is gifted with cool temperatures throughout the farming and processing seasons. It allows for slow maturation of the crops - this means that there are already plenty of sugars to be broken down via the process. The lack of oxygen of the process facilitates the growth of lactic acid bacteria, bringing forward the creamy rich texture along with heightened fruit acidity. 

Miguel is also a part of the indigenous group Nasa Wes’x. This indigenous group was wrapped up in a political haze with the local guerrilla up until 1997. After signing a peace treaty, the community has had a magnificent change in the quality of life. We feel very lucky to be able to share this achievement with a rich and complex cup of coffee!