Kenya Gaturiri Kenya Gaturiri

Kenya Gaturiri


Region: Barichu, Nyeri
Location: Gaturiri Station
Varietal: Ruiru-II, Sl-28
Process: Kenyan double washed
Notes: Mandarin, Lemonade, Tempranillo

The Gaturiri coffee processing factory is a consolidation of the hard work of 1500 individual farmers throughout the Nyeri region.  Nyeri itself is central to Kenya, and its volcanic soil and high elevations produce coffee with a unique flavour profile that is instantly recognizable, a sparkling bright acidity punctuated by juicy fruit sweetness. This in part is due to prevalence of washed processing for Kenyan coffees, further highlighting and clarifying the popping acidity of coffees from this region. The water milling undertaken by this factory is fed from fresh springs that flow from the Kirigu river. Coffee production provides an important financial supplement to the many farmers that contribute to the Gaturiri coffee mill, with each farm also producing other crops such as maize and bananas to supplement their diet and income.